Why you shouldn’t buy Weed & Feed from the hardware store

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So, your lawn is full of clover and other broadleaf weeds and you’re just about to pop down your local hardware shop and get some of that all-in-one Weed & Feed. That should take care of it right?


Before you waste your money, read this.

Do you really think that lawn care professionals use that stuff on golf courses, ovals, sports fields or even their own lawn at home? Of course they don’t! That’s because they know that the most effective way of treating weeds is to feed their lawn and then weed it in two separate events.

Firstly, you are going to fertilise your lawn with Lawnhub TROJAN and get the lawn (and weeds) actively growing. This is going to help your lawn fill in quicker so that you aren’t left with patchy bits after the weeds have died. TROJAN will also improve the health of your lawn and get it looked thicker and greener. 

Now wait for 10 days and let TROJAN work its magic.

It's been 10 days already? Your lawns looking lush and green? Sweet! Now, let’s get rid of those weeds. Bow and Arrow is a selective herbicide which is going to kill all the broadleaf weeds in your lawn, without harming your lawn. Bow and Arrow is safe to use on 99.99% of lawns, but always read the label before applying!

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Keep it green! (and weed free!)

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