Tru-Blue Spray Indicator 1L

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Tru-Blue Spray Indicator 1L

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Tru-Blue Spray Indicator 1L

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Tru Blue is a spray indicator/colourant used to identify blocked nozzles and reduce costly overlapping. Tru Blue indicates areas that have been sprayed so you can closer follow correct application. 

Tru Blue contains a temporary colourant which marks spray application. The colour breaks down with sunlight and moisture. 

This product will stain concrete and similar surfaces. 

Tru Blue key points

  • See where you spray
  • Indicates spray skips and overlaps
  • Improves applicator safety

Tru Blue can be used with any type of pesticide, fertiliser, growth regulator, termiticide applications or where precise uniform application is a must. 

Active Constituent: 105g/L Acid Blue Dye 9 Sodium Salt



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