Full Load Pack (Lawn Care Pack)


Full Load Pack (Lawn Care Pack)

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Full Load Pack (Lawn Care Pack)

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The Full Load Pack is for the home lawn fanatic that wants to take their game to the next level. This pack has been designed around a 200m2 lawn but due to pack sizes there be some gear left over. The products in this pack can be used on all lawn varieties.

The pack comes with the following:

1 x Acelepryn 10kg - Apply in 1.5kg/100m2 in September and March.

2 x Trojan 5kg - Apply 2.5kg/100m2 in September (time it with a reno or some warmth) and December (apply in the 2nd week for a cracking Christmas Day lawn).

1 x Roots N Shoots - Apply 75ml/100m2 in early September and every 6 weeks thereafter.

1 x Wet 1L - Apply in 200ml/100m2 in October and December

1 x Threeway 1L - Apply as a foliar application once a month from October to February at a rate of 100ml/100m2.

1 x Money Shot 1L - Apply 200ml/100m2 a week before when you really want to impress! 

1 x Premature 5kg 220SGN - Apply 2.5kg/100m2 for specific pre-winter granular application in late March.

1 x NSFW 500ml - This bottle will treat 1000m2 - Apply 50ml/100m2 as a broadcast application as required when broadleaf weeds are present.

1 x Barricade 1l 

1 x Primo Maxx 1l 

Below is a program you can use to help understand what to apply when.

Lawnhub Full Load Pack Calendar - Spring

Lawnhub Full Load Pack Calendar - Anytime 



ACELEPRYN Insecticide provides unmatched, season long grub and
caterpillar control in a single application. It is now available in a convenient
and flexible granule formulation. 

ACELEPRYN GR. The efficiency and longevity of performance means your turf spaces are protected for longer and because it is exempt from poison scheduling, PPE requirements for workers are reduced.

This new no-spray option means ease of use and minimal disruption
to the community.

ACELEPRYN GR controls a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm.

 Application rate: 1.5kg per 100sqm


Lawnhub Premature is the first of our 'Limited Seasonal Release' products. It is designed to help your lawn 'last' as the season cools off.

Apply 2.5kg/100m2 to any variety of lawn and water in well, especially in tight, low cut turfs to ensure the 220sgn prill is pushed past the canopy.

Premature will ensure your lawn stays green for up to 10 weeks.

This product is perfect for the home lawn fanatic.


Lawnhub Trojan is a custom blended professional quality granular slow release fertiliser.

This is exactly the type of product the top golf course superintendents of Australia choose.

The recommended application is 2.5kg/100m². Trojan will continue to feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks.

This product is perfect for the home lawn fanatic. 


Its vital to retain moisture in your soil profile if you want to grow a lush lawn.

Lawnhub WET is used to improve the retention and distribution of moisture in fine cut turf surfaces.

Professional turf managers apply products like WET during Spring and Summer to give their lawn the best chance of being perfect.

Apply at a rate of 250-500ml in 5-10L of water per 100m2

  • WET's specialty non-ionic surfactant formulation improves moisture retention
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Encourages more even growth
  • Exceptional turf safety due to non-burn formulation


ROOTS N SHOOTS can be used as a soil or foliar applied supplement in a regular nutrition program for turf. Multiple applications may be needed throughout the season especially during periods of stress. The application rate may need to be varied with changes in turf variety and use.

ROOTS N SHOOTS is a product that contains a powerful concentration of kelp for the promotion of root and shoot development.This highly concentrated liquid BULL KELP combined with slow release nitrogen in a DiMethylene Urea (DMU) form increases leaf adheration and uptake, also decreases leaching from soil. When combined with a standard fertilizer regime, significant plant growth advantages are obtainable.

Mix 60-100mL of ROOTS N SHOOTS with between 6-10L of water per 100m² of actively growing lawn and apply during early morning or late afternoon to reduce evaporation. Do not spray when windy.


Threeway is a product we developed in conjunction with our good friend Simon Rice. LawnHub has come up with an ideal NPK formulation with the added benefit of trace elements that is perfect for use as a maintenance fertiliser. Threeway looks beyond aesthetics and delivers exactly what the lawn needs to be as healthy as possible.

There are three great things about Threeway.

1. It can be applied a foliar fertiliser or a soil drench.

2. The Nitrogen component is 50% Methylene Urea and is controlled release for up to 8 weeks.

3. The trace elements are in EDTA chelated form. This is an extremely stable form and optimized for uptake through leaves and roots.

If you are using this product as a foliar fertiliser, ensure sufficient soil moisture levels and simply mix 200ml with 10L of water and spray on the leaf of the grass. This mix will cover 100m2. If applying as a foliar fertiliser, make sure you delay mowing for at least 24 hours post application.

If you choose to use as a drench fertiliser, mix 800ml with 20L of water apply to the lawn and water in well.


Lawnhub MONEY SHOT will make the grass greener on your side of the fence. Money Shot is like a steroid for your lawn. You can apply this 5-7 days before a party or event and your friends will be green with MONEY SHOT.

Money Shot is a foliar product which means it needs to be applied to the leaf of your lawn. Make sure you don't mow for at least 24 hours after applying.

The recommended application is 200-400mL per 100m². Add the Money Shot to at least 5L of water and apply directly to the leaf of the lawn. Be careful not to get any Money Shot on paving or cement as it is likely to stain.


NSFW Herbicide provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf. 

Broadleaf weeds including;

  • White Clover (Trifolium repens),
  • Plantain (Plantago lanceolata),
  • Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula),
  • Cat’s ear (Hypochoeris radicata),
  • Bindii (Jo-Jo, Onehunga) (Soliva sessilis),
  • Cudweed (Gnaphalium spp.),
  • Creeping oxalis (Oxalis corniculata),


  • High level of efficiency
  • One standard application rate
  • No volatility concerns
  • Superior turf safety (cool and warm season grasses)
  • A mix of active ingredients for improved resistance management
  • No odour
  • Additional surfactants not required

NSFW Herbicide for broadleaf weed control in turf is a formulation containing the active ingredients, MCPA as potassium salt, clopyralid as potassium salt and diflufenican. It is used at an application rate of 50ml per 100m2.

Current broadleaf turf herbicides have a tendency to cause rapid desiccation of weed leaves and shoots. Recovery may then occur from the significant root systems and/or other underground components of the weed. NSFW Herbicide is the ultimate solution for a more effective result, with no evidence of regrowth.

This unique three-way mixture provides extended weed control (season-long) in most situations.

Active Constituents:
20 g/L CLOPYRALID present as the potassium salt
300 g/L MCPA present as the potassium salt

Product & Pack

  • Application Rate is 50mL per 100 square metres
  • 500mL pack treats 1000 square metres in total
  • Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.

Product & Pack

  • Application Rate is 50mL per 100 square metres
  • 500mL pack treats 1000 square metres in total
  • Be sure to READ and FOLLOW the product label in FULL before using.


For pre-emergent control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and nursery pots.

BARRICADE is a selective pre-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and potted plants. BARRICADE controls susceptible weeds by interfering with cell division in the root tips of newly germinated weeds. BARRICADE Herbicide controls a wide range of pre-emergent grassy weeds. You can trust BARRICADE to last for up to 6 months so your application window is more flexible. BARRICADE binds high in the soil profile ensuring turf roots below the barrier are not affected and your turf stays in prime condition.


PRIMO MAXX Turf Growth Regulator will promote greener, denser, more resilient turf with less growth, fewer clippings and therefore less expensive maintenance. PRIMO MAXX is the trusted growth regulator that pre-conditions turf for stress and optimises surface quality and colour.

Works by slowing the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation.
Vertical shoot growth is slowed, while lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots is stimulated.

Enhanced playing surfaces with improved turf quality and colour
A valuable tool for pre-conditioning greens for hot, stressful summers – treated turf grows a stronger, deeper and more robust root system which leads to better heat stress tolerance, less wear and tear, and improved disease and pest tolerance
Regular applications deliver increased quality and durability
The recommended use rates are designed to give approximately a 20 to 50% reduction in clippings over a 2 to 6 week period. Full growth regulation by PRIMO MAXX begins about 3 to 5 days after application.

In practice the amount of growth regulation achieved will vary between situations due to environmental conditions and management practices. To some extent, therefore, application rates will need to be adjusted to match growing conditions, management practices and the amount of growth regulation required by the turf manager.

Repeat applications can be made as soon as turf resumes growth or more suppression is required. Areas treated with PRIMO MAXX should continue to receive regular maintenance practices, including irrigation, fertilisation, and weed, disease and insect control when necessary, as recommended for quality turf.


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