Lawn Builder Pack


Lawn Builder Pack

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Lawn Builder Pack

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The Lawn Builder Pack Pack contains a 5kg bucket of TROJAN, a 3kg bucket of BBW and a 1L bottle of ROOTS N SHOOTS. This pack is perfect for someone looking to get started in lawn care and is often the combination of products given to friends of Lawnhub that have never used lawn care gear before.

All three products can be used all turf varieties This includes but is not limited to Kikuyu, Buffalo, Tiftuff, Wintergreen, Santa Ana and established seeded lawns.

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Lawnhub Trojan is a custom blended professional quality granular slow release fertiliser.

This is exactly the type of product the top golf course superintendents of Australia choose.
The recommended application is 2.5kg/100m². Trojan will continue to feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks.
This product is perfect for the home lawn fanatic.


Lawnhub BBW is a professional quality granular wetting agent. This is exactly the type of product that top golf course superintendents of Australia choose. The recommended application is 1.5kg/100m2. Apply evenly to existing or new lawn. It is not necessary to water this product in. The wetting agent will be released upon irrigation or a rain event. BBW will continue to help water evenly penetrate your soil profile for up to 12 weeks.

    ROOTS N SHOOTS can be used as a soil or foliar applied supplement in a regular nutrition program for turf. Multiple applications may be needed throughout the season especially during periods of stress. The application rate may need to be varied with changes in turf variety and use.
    ROOTS N SHOOTS is a product that contains a powerful concentration of kelp for the promotion of root and shoot development. This highly concentrated liquid BULL KELP combined with slow release nitrogen in a DiMethylene Urea (DMU) form increases leaf adheration and uptake, also decreases leaching from soil. When combined with a standard fertilizer regime, significant plant growth advantages are obtainable.
    Mix 60-100mL of ROOTS N SHOOTS with between 6-10L of water/100m² of actively growing lawn and apply during early morning or late afternoon to reduce evaporation. Do not spray when windy.

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