Lawnhub Mini Pill 150sgn Fine Lawn Fertiliser 23-0-11 +5%Ca, 2%Fe, 1%Mn and 3%Mg 5kg

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Lawnhub MINI PILL is perfect for those lawns that are so tight that products like TROJAN can't work their way through to the soil.

Lawnhub MINI PILL is a custom blended professional quality 150sgn controlled release fertiliser. This is exactly the type of product the top golf course superintendents of Australia choose as a quality maintenance fertiliser.

MINI PILL contains 84% stabilised nitrogen to reduce losses through leaching and volatilisation and the inclusion of calcium and magnesium to assist in cell development and plant strength while additional iron and manganese will enhance your lawns colour.

The recommended application is 2.5kg/100m². Be sure to water MINI PILL in straight away. Apply every 10-12 weeks or as required. This product is perfect for the home lawn fanatic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this suitable for all turf varieties?

A: Yes.