Lawnhub Bush Gone Wild Pack

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The Lawnhub Bush Gone Wild Pack is the complete garden fertiliser pack. It contains a tub of Bush, Trojan and BBW.

Lawnhub Bush Garden Fertiliser 12:3:7+Biology 5kg

Lawnhub BUSH is a professional quality general purpose garden fertiliser proudly made in Australia.

It combines modern state of the art technology with traditional fertiliser technology, resulting in a balanced, cost effective landscape and garden fertiliser.

BUSH provides faster, longer lasting complete nutrition, creating strong consistent growth over mixed soil types and robust plants to tolerate varied environmental conditions.

Long term benefits include: Improved soil conditions from biological activity, compaction relief, deeper root growth.

Sprinkle 15-25 grams per m² every 8-12 weeks or as required and water in well.

BUSH comes with a plastic scoop that holds approx 75 grams.